Estrella’s single PARTY has anthemic choruses awash with melody, riffs and thunderous beats and along with an irrepressible rock performance will liven up any PARTY

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  1. Hamish McPherson says:

    You Must book this band. Unbelievable live performance.. Real boon to any party!

  2. Maree Cameron says:

    Their song is ‘Party’, what better way to kick of a Hogmanay party.

  3. Nina Chambers says:

    Have seen this band in action, what a great performance, will certainly get everyone in the mood for a PARTY, just as their single suggests!

  4. Graeme Yule says:

    Estrella are a great band and deserve to be there after their efforts and let down earlier this year, the fiasco that was The Northern Lights Festival!

  5. Estrella drove from Scotland to Redditch to play for us at the Morton Stanley Park Festival in August and rocked the place! Every one involved with the event as well as local press and festival goers commented that they were the best band of the day.
    Any band that are willing to drive 400 miles to play deserve a chance to play in their local town.
    Give ‘em the chance chaps, who doesn’t love rock n roll played loud n dirty????

  6. Danny B says:

    Yeah man Estrella rock! I saw them at MSPF and they kicked ass. They have to play Hogmanay it’s the law!!!

  7. Janice Buttigieg says:

    Great band. They rocked Malta two years ago when they played over here. Let them bring in 2012 with a great PARTY.

  8. Kayla Cameron says:

    Do it. Book them, if you’re proud to be Scottish, book them.

  9. Colin says:

    Great Band, Great Music!

  10. James Eley says:

    Great, great, great band! Great, great, great guys! Seriously, their music is fantastic and they are a great bunch of guys. :)

  11. Awesome band and lovely bunch of guys :) . Well deserving of the Hogmanay party!

  12. Kyle Morris says:

    Book this band to rock us out of 2011 and take us slamming into 2012:D Let’s make the start of 2012 one to remember. Book this band:D

  13. Tracy B says:

    Awesome band, great music, great guys!!!! No contest really, they have to play at the Hogmanay party. :D

  14. Jon lincoln says:

    Great band great music

  15. Rachael Haddlesey says:

    These guys really know how to put on a party and get the crowd going. They’re charismatic, fun, energetic, and raw… perfect to bring in the New Year with.

  16. Cheryl McConachie says:

    Fantastic band, would definitely make the trip to Ed to see these guys. Start on the foot you wish to continue… would love for Estrella to bring me into 2012!

  17. Jeff Kirby says:

    I am a radio presenter down in Yorkshire and when I heard these guys play it brought a tear to my eye….It shows we can still show the rest of the world what fantastic talent we can still produce…….its up to you guys to show it x

  18. garry says:

    veeerrrrrry good keep on rocking boys doing well goning to make it big boys you should play at edinburgh hogmany party !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. garry says:

    keep on rocking boys

  20. Michelle says:

    Book this band they are amazing! Their songs are so catchy!! End 2011 with a PARTY……….. woooooo hooooo!!!!!

  21. Mother Gunn says:

    Best rock band I have ever heard! Awesome sound…..Rock is back…..and my boys sure know how its done!!!!! Edinburgh will be in for a PARTY if you give these boys this oppurtunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO

  22. Mother Gunn says:

    The best rock band I have heard! Awesome sound!!! Rock is back and my boys sure know how its done!!!! Edinburgh will be in for a PARTY…..if they get this oppurtunity!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOO

  23. Eileen Mullins says:

    Great band, great music – have seen them play live in Thurso many times – they really get a crowd rocking!!!!  They just keep going from strength to strength, great guitar solos, coupled with a fantastic front man! 
    Estrella were also featured in Jim Gellatly’s New Music Column in the Scottish Sun on Friday 25th November – if Jim Gellatly is recommending them – and he thinks “Party” is an “anthem” – then Edinburgh you should book them for your Hogmanay Party!!!!

  24. Ryan Mullins says:

    Great boys, great band and definately great music, cant believe Edinburgh would have to think twice about letting the boys rock there PARTY

  25. Kev M says:

    Estrella r very much a great band for any PARTY, they r going to be huge

  26. Sharon Askew says:

    Seen n heard the boys of Estrella play so many times, they r brilliant, realy cant think of a better band for a new year party

  27. Scooby M says:

    This band deserve to be apart of the edinburgh street party, u wont find another band that can rock like these boys

  28. Gary C. says:

    These guys are professional and reliable, take pride in what they’re doing and would be an ideal candidate for such an important and high profile event. They didn’t let me down at all, and I’d recommend them for sure. The style of Rock they play is certainly recognised as being relevant too, I mean one of the most successful music magazines in Britain is “Classic Rock” magazine, so do the right thing and seriously consider Estrella.

  29. Albert Buttigieg says:

    Great band guys. Look forward to seeing you in concert again.

  30. Michelle Russell says:

    Totally kick ass band! Deserve to play this gig and will def get the crowd going!! Totally know how to get a PARTY going! :-D

  31. Paul Patterson says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, guys know how to ROCK N ROLL!!

  32. Holly-Ann Cameron says:

    They are an amazing band.
    They’re awesome guys… x)
    Y’know their singles “One Love” and “Party”, think about how many times they’ve been played on the radio. Imagine how freaking awesome their whole album will be. ;D
    This band will be a great end to a year, and an amazing start to another! “Party” is the song to kick it off! This song will get you into a partying mood, and you’ll know that it’s P-A-R-T-Y Tiiiiiiime! VERY, VERY catchy song, VERY VERY good singing-a-long song… They’ve brought the good music back! :D

  33. Beckie says:



  34. Rachel West says:

    Estrella new song ‘PARTY’ is fantastic, I love listening to them, going to see them play and waiting for new songs to be released!

    If you haven’t got Hogmanay plans this year…….Estrella are the ones to book, you won’t be disappointed!!

    Well done boys, all your hard work is seriously paying off!

  35. Natalie Grimmer says:

    Great band and great guys! Estrella would be the perfect way to celebrate the new year! Keep up the hard work boys!

  36. Andrea Lonie says:

    Estrella are truly amazing! Been to see them so many times and will continue to see them. They interact with the crowds and get all heads turning! Give them a listen and you will feel what everyone else feels..strong bond, hard work, passion and ‘the love’.

    Great work boys! Amazing song. Westhill girls are so very proud of you!!

  37. James says:

    Book these guys and you won’t regret it – they’ve come all the way from an attic in Thurso to playing international festivals, they’re carved from Scottish Rock through and through and they are the ideal band to bring Scotland into 2012 with a party you won’t forget in Edinburgh!

  38. Laura says:

    Amazing band and perfect way to start off the new year with them! Their songs are for everyone and they always get the crowd involved! Brilliant to see live, well done boys!! :)

  39. Daz says:

    Nothing better than these boys rocking the knickers off the crowd @ this years Hogmanay Bash!

    Guaranteed Pumping, energetic bang on start to the night!

  40. Nomii says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. get them there!

  41. Jake Campbell says:

    An absolutely fantastic band! Perfect way to bring in the new year! :D

  42. Kevin Chambers says:

    Downloaded Estrella’s “Party” and “One Love” from iTunes haven’t stopped playing them since!!
    Goods guys, real professionals, seen them play many times, will certainly get Edinburgh rocking at Hogmanay!
    Book this band – and make it Estrella’s PARTY.

  43. Linda Morris says:

    You should DEFINITELY book this band!!

  44. Susan harper says:

    This band deserve to be apart of the edinburgh street party, there’re a great band and will get everyone rocking if they play hogmany street party

  45. Jinky says:

    Absolute quality !!! Get them on stage this new year in Edinburgh !

  46. Reev says:

    Having grown up and hugged many times with my “brothers” I can say for a certainty you want this band, they carry on from strength to strength, I’m very proud and believe the right choice would be to have them play :)

  47. Reev says:

    That reads terribly, not hugged, gigged hahaha

  48. Fiona C says:

    Have had the privilege of listening to a promotional copy of Estrella’s 14 track album and Party & One Love are just two of 14 fantastic rock tracks

  49. Colin Campbell says:

    Very versatile band – great for any P A R T Y !!!!!!

  50. Alastair MacDonald says:

    Fantastic band just what Edinburgh needs.

  51. Isobel Campbell says:

    What more could a hogmany party need – pure quality

  52. Isobel Murray says:

    Estrella are a great band and deserve to be there – give them a chance!

  53. Katie Hoggarth says:

    Fab music from great guys! Estrella will rock New Year in Edinburgh!

  54. linda manson says:

    great band, great boys, book them xx

  55. Michael Petrie says:

    Estrella rock, great band, great music! Just great in general! They will make the edinburgh party rock!!!!!!!!!! Lets have a PARTYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Ill tell you why….cause they rock!

  56. Sylvia G says:

    Great band, fantastic guys a must to rock out the old and roll in the New Year. x

  57. Rachael says:

    This band is AMAZING! Awesome vibe and always give an incredible performance! You can’t help but love them! Xx

  58. Nita M says:

    This band create the ultimate party atmosphere and really liven up any crowd. They would
    Be awesome in Edinburgh!!!

  59. Mandy Petrie says:

    Heard this band for the 1st time on the radio! We thought they were really good….bringing back rock……catchy songs that will get anyone in the mood to dance along and party! Good luck guys :-) xxx

  60. sam says:

    Literally the most enjoyableband to watch on stage! amazing music great atmosphere and every time i have seen them i have wanted more!!!! they are ideal for a hogmany party i know what i will be doing this new years if they play in edinburgh il be there for sure!!!! what a treat estrella ella ella!!!!!!!! <3


  61. Lowell says:

    Would be great to see these guys at hogmanay, they know how to put on a show :D

  62. Alice Quinn says:

    Estrella are fab, Edinburgh would be missing out on New Year without them!:-)

  63. Keren Yule says:

    Make great music your New Year’s resolution – it’s time us Scots sat up and took notice of our homegrown talent, and they don’t come more talented than Estrella! Best of luck guys, you’ve got my vote \m/

  64. Jakers says:

    Having partied with the lads many times u would be silly not to have them

  65. Tony Gunn says:

    What can I say! HEY HEY COME OUT TO PLAY!!!

  66. Claire Macdonald says:

    Estrella are an amazing band! Great entertainment and very talented group of boys! keep up the good work! you certainly have my vote all the way! Good luck!


  67. Tom hutchinson says:

    Estella are AMAZING!

  68. kate bradley xx says:

    amazing band, there is no better way to kick off the newyear! definatly deserve it xx

  69. Jared Cochrane says:

    Amazing band with a classic sound, very much deserve to open the Edurburgh street party and I know they’ll blow everyone away.

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