Sarah Coloso

Sarah Coloso


Described variously as “KT Tunstall on Duracell,” “booming,” and sometimes simply as “The Voice,” Sarah Coloso is a one-woman-wonder who will rock your socks off.

9 Responses to “Sarah Coloso”

  1. eobo says:

    Can’t think of anyone better!

  2. Diamond says:

    The best in unsigned Scottish Talent!

  3. Stewart Sheddon says:

    The mystery is why Sarah hasn’t been signed. A huge voice with a tremendous range and versatility.

  4. Miller says:

    With a Voice that is both powerful and effortless, Sarah Coloso is an artist with genuine talent and soul.

  5. Goom! says:

    Excellent song writing delivered with a top notch performance. Definitely not a voice that’s easily forgotten. And as if that’s not enough, she’s a damn fine human being too.

  6. Tigs says:

    Fantastic voice. What a refreshing change!

  7. JG says:

    Amazing voice. Been to loads of your gigs. X

  8. Pete G says:

    Love the songs. Definitely want to see you in Edinburgh!!!

  9. TM says:

    Already seen and heard in person. Big voice for such a petite lady. Love it!

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